ERIKS and the Delta Works


Rijkswaterstaat is the Dutch government body responsible for the main infrastructure facilities in the Netherlands, such as the famous Delta Works. They are the country's largest defence system against high water levels along the North Sea coast. The Sealing and Rubber Technology department at ERIKS Netherlands developed new seals that help to seal the 17 doors in the Haringvlietdam.

Renovating the Haringvlietdam

Rijkswaterstaat selected the Koninklijke Hollestelle Groep for the current renovation project. The family business decided to collaborate with ERIKS to renovate the seals for the 17 doors.

Reversed engineering

An ERIKS team ((Ron van der Vis, Hans Dijkstra en Ronald Boon) examined the 45-year-old drawings. In addition, Rijkswaterstaat provided samples of the old seals, which were analysed by ERIKS Alkmaar. During this process, ERIKS staff made several observations:
•    Rubbers of varying hardness had been used
•    The rubber was fitted with nylon inlays that were positioned at a specific angle
•    An O-ring cord had been incorporated into the product to provide extra sealing
•    The original plans were missing crucial details and therefore could not be used.

Through ERIKS' expertise new, detailed production drawings could be created and Rubberlaboratory ERT BV in Deventer analysed the material samples to determine the composition of the rubber.

Ultimately, the customer chose to collaborate with ERIKS on the basis of the company's complete package, material expertise and excellent reputation.


Inflatable seals

The 36 inflatable rubber seals (two for each door and two spare) were manufactured by a supplier in Germany based on specifications and drawings provided by ERIKS. The first batch of 12 has already been installed. The gaskets are installed on a steel core mounted on the enormous concrete door. When the doors close, the seals inflate, thereby sealing the dam.

Successful collaboration

"The collaboration with Rijkswaterstaat and Koninklijke Hollestelle was a success," states Ron van der Vis, Application Engineer at ERIKS for O-Rings and Rubber Technology. “I am proud to have helped make the Netherlands that little bit safer."

More information about ERIKS and the Deltaworks

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