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ERIKS SealXpress service


Custom made seals within 24 hours

Seals, guide rings, turned parts: with ERIKS SealXpress service you can have them in house within 24 hours! From a few pieces to serial production, standard or made to specification. This allows you to operate without interruption.  

Custom made hydraulic and pneumatic cilinders, seals and oil-seals

ERIKS has a wide range of standard seals for hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders. You can also call on us for customized seals and oil seals. Our 3D calculation software allows us to make you more or less any desired seal.

Pre-programmed basic forms and a wide range of materials

There are over 150 pre-programmed basic forms available, including those for rod and piston seals and wipers. We also offer a wide range of materials such as rubber, polyurethane, PTFE and UHMWPE. Once produced, the seals are given unique article numbers. This allows you to easily make repeat orders.

Rapid delivery

Moreover, with our SealXpress service you can count on rapid delivery: if desired within 24 hours. We can supply seals up to 4 metres in diameter, from a few seals to serially produced seals, from a very extensive range, and in a wide range of materials, also customer-specific designs and always with 3D engineering. Years of experience means that ERIKS has all of the know-how it requires in house. That makes the difference, also for the rapid delivery of seals or prototypes.

Online calculator for customized seals

You can immediately request a quotation for a customized seal or select one from the range online. Click SealXpress calculator and you will be automatically forwarded to the calculation program.

More information about ERIKS SealXpress service

For more information about ERIKS SealXpress service, you can contact your local ERIKS team. Click here to search your nearest ERIKS location in the ERIKS Global location finder.

ERIKS SealXpress video on ERIKS' Youtube channel


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