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Kalrez® is a proven way to cut costs


Optimize total system cost (1797kB)

The drive to reduce costs and environmental concerns have caused many design and processing engineers to turn to perfluoroelastomer sealing parts as the most cost-effective sealing solution. The value-in-use of perfluoroelastomers can be proven in operating conditions where conventional elastomers fail. Even under less arduous conditions, Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer seals can be the best solution, as they can last significantly longer than conventional sealing solutions.

Economics depend on the total system cost

When considering the economics of elastomeric seals, it is vital to look beyond the cost of the seal itself and compare the total cost related to the sealing solution. The total system cost in use is the sum of the cost of O-ring seal + installation cost + downtime cost (including loss of productivity through leakage + clean-up costs).

Case studies show the value of high quality seals

The following case studies highlight the total system cost comparison. They take into consideration the frequency and cost of seal replacement as well as the attendant downtime cost.


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