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O-Ring Suppliers

ERIKS is one of world’s largest O-ring suppliers. We supply excellent quality products worldwide for all industries. The ability to supply a high diversity of O-rings and the worldwide network of Core Competence Centers, dealers, service centers and other establishments makes us different from other O-ring suppliers.

ERIKS: theO-ring supplier for various industries

O-ring supplier for a high variety of materials

Useful O-ring Tools

Toassist our customers we have created several tools to ease the selection of the most suitable material and dimensions of O-rings.

  • O-ring Calculator
    The O-ring calculator enables engineers to specify an O-ring groove for any given O-ring or vice versa calculates the best suitable size O-ring for any given groove. The calculator takes all relevant parameters into account like thermal and or chemical swell of the rubber material and thermal expansion of mating construction parts materials
  • O-ring Weight Calculator:
    The weight of high volumes of O-rings is important to determine freight costs. This tool enables you to identify the weight of a batch of O-rings.
  • Chemical Resistance Guide
    World’s most extensive rubber compatibility tool for elastomers. The ERIKS Chemical Resistance Guide allows you to check 20 different rubber families and some plastics against over 2000 chemicals. A unique feature is the search option based on internationally recognized Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) numbers, which simplifies looking up chemicals significantly.

Find the O-ring suppliers near you

On ourcontact page you can find all our offices worldwide and select the O-ring suppliers near you. For moreinformation about O-rings or other ERIKS products please fill the “Ask ERIKS” form on the upper-right corner.

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