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Elastomers (of rubber compounds) for food processing and beverage equipment

One of the largest applications for specialty elastomers and plastics is in Food Processing and Beverage Equipment. These seals are required to resist the chemical and thermal environments present in the equipment, while not releasing any unwanted or unknown contaminants into the process. Many applications require the sealing materials to be 'capable of being cleaned and receiving effective bactericidal treatment while still maintaining physical properties'.

Sealing products for the food and beverage market

For the Food & Beverage market, we offer standard as well as custom made rubber seals, o-rings, bellows, mouldings and many more. Custom made products are manufactured using the latest technologies.

Solutions for the food & beverage market

  • EC1935/2004
  • Regulating agencies and documents for applications in the Food and Beverage industry include the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Title 21, Chapter 1, Subchapter B, part 177, Subpart C, Paragraph 2600 - also known as FDA 177.2600.
    • Separate categories for expected food contact include I -foods, including edible oils, butter, milk and cooking oil; and II - water, soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, etc.
  • The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has standards for meat and poultry as well as the '3A' standards for dairy equipment and the 'E-3A' standards for egg processing equipment.
  • Moreover compounds following BGA, Bfr (BGVV), E4 and USDA are available.

More information about ERIKS o-rings for food & beverage

For more information about ERIKS o-ring materials for food & beverage please contact the nearest ERIKS Sealing & Polymer location or fill in the form below.

Compound numberMaterialNominal hardnessCompliancesApplicationColourMinimum temperatureMaximum temperatureDatasheet
559270EPDMFDA 21 CFR 177-2600,EC1935-2004,ADI,REACH,RoHSFood and BeverageBlack-50.0150.0
559272EPDMFDA 21 CFR 177-2600,EC1935-2004,ADI,REACH,RoHSFood and BeverageWhite-30.0125.0
514641FKM3-A,FDA 21 CFR 177-2600,EC1935-2004,ADI,REACH,RoHSFood and BeverageBlack-20.0200.0
514672FKMFDA 21 CFR 177-2600,ADI,REACH,RoHSFood and BeverageWhite-20.0200.0
514712FKMFDA 21 CFR 177-2600,ADI,REACH,RoHSFood and BeverageBlack-30.0200.0
886172HNBR3-A,FDA 21 CFR 177-2600,EC1935-2004,ADI,REACH,RoHSFood and BeverageBlack-40.0150.0
886270HNBRFDA 21 CFR 177-2600,EC1935-2004,ADI,REACH,RoHSFood and BeverageYellow-30.0150.0
6221Kalrez®USP Class VI,FDA 21 CFR 177-2600,ADI,REACH,RoHSPharmaceutical | Food and BeverageWhite-10.0260.0
6230Kalrez®USP Class VI,FDA 21 CFR 177-2600,ADI,REACH,RoHSPharmaceutical | Food and BeverageBlack-10.0260.0
366470NBR3-A,FDA 21 CFR 177-2600,EC1935-2004,ADI,REACH,RoHSFood and BeverageBlack-30.0110.0
366472NBRFDA 21 CFR 177-2600,ADI,REACH,RoHSFood and BeverageWhite-25.0110.0
714166VMQFDA 21 CFR 177-2600,EC1935-2004,ADI,REACH,RoHSGeneral purpose | Food and BeverageRust-60.0220.0
714177VMQFDA 21 CFR 177-2600,EC1935-2004,ADI,REACH,RoHSGeneral purpose | Food and BeverageRust-60.0220.0
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