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Applications in the semiconductor industry

Applications in the Semiconductor Industry range from rubber seals and components for process equipment used in the fabrication of integrated circuits or semiconductors.

Reduce your TCO with ERIKS clean rooms

ERIKS has its own clean rooms to prevent contamination and "outgassing" of components. In these clean rooms, o-rings and other sealing products are being cleaned according to the right method. The products are made dust-free and optimally packed under stringent procedures and work instructions, for both ERIKS and non-ERIKS products, resulting in considerable time and cost savings.

Solutions for the semiconductor industry

SEMI (Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International) is a pseudo regulatory organisation offering some standards and testing procedures.

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Semiconductor Industry Applications

SegmentsEnvironmentElastomersSealing Considerations
Crystal Growth (Pulling)25 to 200 C .001 - .01 torrFKMHigh thermal stability, chemical resistance, good vacuum performance
Thermal (LPCVD) Nitride, Oxide, ...23 to 300 C .5 - 1.0 torrFKM, VMQ, FFKMHigh thermal stability, chemical resistance, good vacuum performance
Track & Lithography25 to 100 C ambientFKM, EPDM FFKM (AU)Chemical resistance - solvents
Dry Etch25 to 200 C .1 - 1.0 torrFKM, FFKMChemical resistance, plasma resistance, thermal stability, non-black preferred
Wet Etch25 to 200 C ambientFKM, TFE, FFKMChemical resistance, no elemental contamination
Resist Stripping25 to 250 C .001 - .01 torrFVMQ, VMQ, FKM, FFKMChemical resistance - especially oxygen- rich and ozone environment
Cleaning25 to 200 C ambientFKM, FFKMAcid and solvent resistance, some high pH chemical resistance
Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)25 to 250 C .001 - .01 torrFKM, FFKMHigh vacuum performance, chemical resistance, thermal stability
Ion Implant25 to 200 C .0000001 torrNBR, FKMUltrahigh vacuum performance, low outgassing and permeation
Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)25 to 200 C .000001 - .02 torrFKMUltrahigh vacuum performance, low outgassing and permeation
Chemical Mechanical25 to 80 C ambientEPDM, FFKMAbrasion resistance, high pH chemical resistance
Compound numberMaterialNominal hardnessCompliancesApplicationColourMinimum temperatureMaximum temperatureDatasheet
4079Kalrez®ADI,REACH,RoHSSemiconductor | Chemical ProcessingBlack-10.0316.0
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