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General purpose materials have been developed for a wide range of, mostly not too demanding, applications. As a result, ERIKS’ general purpose O-rings are normally widely available from stock.

ERIKS O-rings made from the standard grade compounds are subject to stringent quality procedures in our supply chain to secure consistency of quality.

Compound development

If you need advice finding the right compound for your application, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our R&D centers (located in U.S.A., U.K. and the Netherlands) are fully equipped to develop whatever material needed.

More information about general purpose o-rings at ERIKS

For more information about ERIKS o-ring materials for general purpose please contact the nearest ERIKS Sealing & Polymer location or fill in the form below.

Compound numberMaterialNominal hardnessCompliancesApplicationColourMinimum temperatureMaximum temperatureDatasheet
32906CRREACH,RoHSChemical Processing | General purposeBlack-35.0110.0
55914EPDMREACH,RoHSGeneral purposeBlack-55.0130.0
55915EPDMREACH,RoHSHot water | Chemical Processing | General purposeBlack-55.0150.0
51414FKMADI,REACH,RoHSChemical Processing | General purposeBlack-20.0200.0
51415FKMADI,REACH,RoHSChemical Processing | General purposeGreen-20.0200.0
51416FKMADI,REACH,RoHSChemical Processing | General purposeBrown-20.0200.0
514320FKMADI,REACH,RoHSChemical Processing | General purposeBlack-20.0200.0
88625HNBRADI,REACH,RoHSGeneral purposeBlack-30.0150.0
88629HNBRADI,REACH,RoHSGeneral purposeBlack-30.0150.0
36624NBRADI,REACH,RoHSGeneral purposeBlack-30.0120.0
44501NBRADI,REACH,RoHSGeneral purposeBlack-30.0120.0
44601NBRADI,REACH,RoHSGeneral purposeBlack-30.0120.0
47702NBRADI,REACH,RoHSGeneral purposeBlack-30.0120.0
223002TFE/P - FEPMADI,REACH,RoHSChemical Processing | General purposeBlack-10.0200.0
714166VMQFDA 21 CFR 177-2600,EC1935-2004,ADI,REACH,RoHSGeneral purpose | Food and BeverageRust-60.0220.0
714177VMQFDA 21 CFR 177-2600,EC1935-2004,ADI,REACH,RoHSGeneral purpose | Food and BeverageRust-60.0220.0
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