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Technical Education


We are happy to share our know-how relating to O-ring products, applications, regulations, innovations, savings, etc. ERIKS’s specialists regularly provide training and courses to make your production processes operate more efficiently.

Know-how makes the difference

  • Our commercial employees are fully up to date on the latest technical developments of O-rings and are continually given training in all different areas. Partly thanks to our internal training and refresher training programmes, these employees possess thorough product and application know-how.
  • Trainings are available to you or your company. You will be at a definite advantage with the product and application know-how gained. After all, well-trained employees increase productivity, quality and safety.
  • We teach you everything about the products and applications, covering both theoretical and practical study. For more information about the training and course content, please contact your nearest ERIKS branch.
  • All of our training courses and presentations are given at ERIKS branches, but they can also be organised at your location. It is also possible to customise our courses.
  • The training and refresher training programmes are specially designed for technical service employees, engineering, assembly and maintenance personnel and production workers.


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