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Oil and Gas

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Sealing products in the oil & gas market

Oil and Gas applications present the most extreme conditions in which rubber seals are expected to operate. Mechanical, thermo-chemical and fluid phase conditions must be accommodated to maintain the integrity of the rubber seal in these, often safety critical, uses.

Standard and custom made rubber compounds

Boasting cutting edge technology centre’s in the UK, USA and the Netherlands, ERIKS Sealing Technology operates at the forefront of material science, developing new and tightly controlled, qualified rubber compounds. Experienced application engineers draw upon in-depth technical knowledge to ensure that the optimal seal is impartially specified for your application; whether this is a standard rubber product or as a bespoke solution tailored to your needs.


ERIKS design teams work closely with our material scientists to produce accurate materials data upon which our non-linear finite element analyses are based, to minimise design iterations in successfully satisfying your application.
We use the latest 3D CAD to capture design intent, which is verified using our contact and non-contact CMM equipment. Full traceability of product and batch data per NORSOK M710 requirements is available.

Contact us

If you have any questions about our sealing products for the oil & gas market, please contact one of our locations or fill in our contact form.

Oil & gas elastomer temperature range

Applications in the Oil & Gas Industry can often be served by more than one type of rubber elastomer. The following chart presents typical application ranges for several traditional elastomers based on the service temperature and environment.

Oil & Gas Elastomer Temperature Range
 -50 °C050100150200250300
Completion Fluid Acidic (pH=2)  FKM      FEPM FFKM   
Completion Fluid Acidic (pH=11)NBR       HNBR FEPM  FFKM   
Completion Fluid Oil basedNBR       HNBR FEPMFKM FFKM   
Crude Oil - sweetNBR       HNBR FEPMFKM FFKM   
Crude Oil - sour (wet + amines)NBR     HNBR FEPM  FFKM   
Crude Oil - sour (kerosene/H2S/H2O)NBR      FKM FEPM   FFKM   
Sour gas - wet (H2S, C02, CH4)HNBR      FEPM   FFKM   
Explosive decompression HNBR FEPM           
GeothermalEPDM         FEPMFFKM   
Drilling Mud oil basedNBR       HNBR FEPMFKM FFKM   
Drilling Mud water basedNBR       FEPM  FFKM   
 -58 °F32122212302392482572
Compound (?) Material Nominal hardness Compliances Application Color Max. temp. Min. temp. sort_index
0090 Kalrez® 95 Logo NORSOK M710NORSOK M710 Oil and Gas Black 250 -10 aa
3018 Kalrez® 90 Chemical processing | Oil and Gas Black 288 -10 zzzzz
514162 FKM 94 Logo ADIADILogo REACHREACHLogo RoHSRoHS Oil and Gas Black 200 -20 zzzzz
514530 FKM 90 Logo NACE TM0187NACE TM0187Logo NORSOK M710NORSOK M710 Oil and Gas Black 230 -27 zzzzz
514531 FKM 90 Logo NACE TM0297NACE TM0297Logo NORSOK M710NORSOK M710Logo ADIADI Oil and Gas Black 200 -40 zzzzz
514532 FKM 90 Logo NACE TM0187NACE TM0187Logo NORSOK M710NORSOK M710Logo ADIADI Oil and Gas Black 200 -50 zzzzz
886516 HNBR 90 Logo NORSOK M710NORSOK M710Logo ADIADILogo REACHREACH Oil and Gas Black 160 -30 zzzzz
223504 TFE/P - FEPM 90 Logo NORSOK M710NORSOK M710Logo ADIADILogo REACHREACH Oil and Gas Black 200 -20 zzzzz
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