International Elastomer Abbreviations

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The below table shows the international elastomer abbreviations, chemical terms and trade names.

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Elastomers: Chemical Terms, Abbreviations and Trade Names
Chemical TermASTM Designated AbbreviationPolymer Trade Names
Acrylonitrile ButadieneNBRChemigum®, Nipol®, Krynac®, Paracril®, Perbunan N®, BunaN ®
Highly Saturated NitrileHNBRTherban®, Zetpol®
Carboxylated NitrileXNBRNipol®, Krynac®, Chemigum®
FluorocarbonFKM, FEPMDyneon®, Viton®, Aflas®, Fluorel®
Ethylene PropyleneEP, EPDM, EPT, EPRNordel®, Royalene® Vistalon®, Buna EP®, Keltan®
Styrene ButadieneSBRAmeripol Synpol®, SBR®, Plioflex®, Stereon®
PolychloropreneCRNeoprene®, Baypren®, Butaclor®
Isobutylene IsopreneIIRButyl®
SiliconeVMQ, PMQ, PVMQSilastic®, SILPLUS®, Elastosil, Wacker®
FluorosiliconeFVMQFSE®, Silastic®, Sylon®
PolyacrylateACMCyanacryl®, HyTemp®, Thiacril®
Ethylene AcrylicAEMVamac®
Chlorosulfonated PolyethyleneCSMHypalon®
EpichlorohydrinECO/COGechron®, Hydrin®


  • Natural
  • Synthetic




SMR®, Pale Crepe®, Smoked Sheet®
Ameripol SN®, Natsyn®

Polyurethane (Polyester or Polyether)AU or EUAdiprene®, Millathane®, Vibrathane®, Vulkolan®, PUR
PerfluoroelastomerFFKM Kalrez®
The following are registered trademarks of their respective companies:Cyancryl - American Cyanamid Co.; Ameripol CB, Ameripol SN, Ameripol Synpol - Ameripol Synpol Co.; Butaclor - distigil;Silastic - Dow Corning Corp.; Hypalon, Nordel, Vamac, Viton - Du Pont Performance Elastomers.; Vistalon - Exxon Chemical Co.; Stereon -Firestone Tire & Rubber Co.; FSE, SILPLUS - General Electric Co.; Budene, Chemigum, Natsyn, Philoflex - Goodyear RubberProducts Corp.; Herclor - Hercules Inc.; Aflas, dyneon, sylon - Dyneon Co.; Hydrin, Hy Temp, Gechron, Nipol, Zetpol - ZeonChemicals Inc.; Krynac, Taktene, Tornac, Perbunan N, Buna EP, Baypren, Therban - Bayer Corp.; Millathane - TSE Industries,Inc.; Adiprene, Royalene, Paracril, Thiacril, Vibrathane; Uniroyal, Inc.
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