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ERIKS stands for 50 years of 0-ring activity

We are the number one supplier for development, prototyping, testing, production and certification of 0-ring seals and 0-ring rubber parts. Together with our 0-ring engineers and 0-ring specialists you will find application-oriented 0-ring solutions.

We offer thousands of 0-ring items

We offer a standard range of thousands of 0-ring items which are made of NBR, Viton®, EPDM, and Silicone. As well as a several special 0-ring compounds for demanding and specific applications and a large range of  0-ring engineered solutions, such as encapsulated (Teflex®) and end- lessly vulcanised 0-rings.

Overview of our 0-ring compounds

  • ACM PolyAcrylate

  • Aflas®

  • EPDM

  • Fluorsilicone / FVMQ

  • High Purity compounds

  • HNBR / X-NBR

  • Kalrez® / FFKM

  • Neoprene / CR

  • Nitrile / NBR

  • SBR

  • Silicone / VMQ

  • TPeRX®

  • Viton® / FKM

Why choose ERIKS for your 0-ring production?

  • A world-wide network for standard 0-ring compounds

  • A broad range of special 0-ring compounds

  • Engineered 0-ring solutions to problems

  • Logistics solutions

  • Quick supply production

  • Quality Plus: an integrated system of Quality Control

  • Official Viton® 0-ring licensee and authorised Kalrez® 0-ring distributor from DuPont Performance Elastomers

  • High purity 0-ring compounds

  • Controlled by independent labs

Questions about 0-ring?

For questions about one or more of our different 0-ring types, please visit our contact page or fill out the "ASK ERIKS" contactform on the right. 
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