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Sealing ring

Over the last years the sealing ring (O-rings) became the world's most popular seal, due to its design, small space requirements and the large range of applications it can be used for. ERIKS produces more than fifty thousand sealing ring items, of which fifteen thousand are available in stock and ready for delivery.

Sealing ring types

ERIKS produces two types of the sealing ring: the static sealing ring and the dynamic sealing ring. The static sealing ring lives up to its name because it does not move, except when pulsation is caused by cycle pressure. Sealing rings which are subjected to movement are the dynamic sealing rings.

Compounds of the sealing ring

The different sealing ring types are available in a large range of compounds. Below a selection of our sealing ring compound types, in alphabetical order:

  • ACM PolyAcrylate
  • Aflas®
  • EPDM
  • Fluorsilicone / FVMQ
  • High Purity compounds
  • HNBR / X-NBR
  • Kalrez® / FFKM
  • Neoprene / CR
  • Nitrile / NBR
  • SBR
  • Silicone / VMQ
  • TPeRX®
  • Viton® / FKM

All sealing rings are produced to the ERIKS material specification standards.

Partnership DuPont and ERIKS - 25 years of sealing ring production

ERIKS and DuPont Performance Elastomers have been partners in the production of sealing rings for more than 25 years.

Contact us about sealing ring types

For more information about our sealing ring types, please contact us by using our "Ask ERIKS" contact form on the right or by visiting our contact page.

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