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The ERIKS V-ring is an all rubber one-piece seal, which is mounted on a shaft and seals axially against a counterface. 

Use of the ERIKS V-ring

The ERIKS V-ring is used as a pressureless sealing preventing dirt, water, oil splash and dust to enter the system. Therefore it is mostly used in applications for pumps, agricultural machines, rolling mils, metal- and wood treatment devices, electro motors and paper machines.

Materials in which the V-ring is availablev-ring.jpg

  • NBR, temperature range -40 to + 100C, this compound is ozone resistant.
  • FPM/Fluorrubber (Viton®), for applications that need high temperature range (from -20 C to +200C) and when used against aggressive chemicals.
  • Other materials on request.

V-ring parts

  • The ERIKS V-ring consists of three sections:
  • the body; clamps itself on the shaft;
  • the conical self-adjusting lip;
  • the hinge

Advantages of the ERIKS V-ring

  • Long lifetime
  • Low friction to the application of oil seals
  • Simple construction
  • No wear of the shaft
  • Simple mounting
  • Suitable for high RPM
  • Attractive pricing
  • High availability


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