O-ring Calculator

With the O-ring calculator, engineers can specify the groove dimensions for a specific O-ring or a specific groove. The O-ring calculator calculates the most relevant size O-ring for any given groove.

All relevant parameters are taken into account, for example:o-ring-calculator

  • Free groove volume
  • Thermal swell of the rubber material
  • O-ring inner diameter stretch
  • Outer diameter squeeze
  • Chemical swell
  • Thermal expansion of mating construction parts materials
  • O-ring squeeze
  • Thermal expansion of available elastomers

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Our user-friendly and easy to use O-ring Calculator is now available.

Calculations with the ERIKS O-ring calculator

With the O-ring calculator you calculate the groove dimensions for the use of a specific O-ring. You can also calculate O-ring dimensions for the use in a specific groove. These calculations can both be done for evaluation whether the O-ring is suitable for your application.

A worldwide unique calculator

This unique online calculation tool takes into consideration the thermal expansion of the mating construction parts materials. Also the chemical volume swell or shrinkage of the O-ring is taken into account. You can choose over 30 construction part materials and 11 O-ring compounds.

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